Retirement Plan Sponsor’s Fiduciary Guide to Operating in a Market Meltdown

The events of late (i.e., coronavirus, oil price war!) have caused quite a stir in the market to say the least. This post provides retirement plan fiduciaries guidance on operating their plan in such uncertain times!

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ERISA Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Checklist

We've pulled together a checklist to guide you through your annual fiduciary review! Click the button below to download yours.

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Stonebridge Partner Admitted Into the Retirement Advisor Council!

Stonebridge Financial Group is excited to announce that our very own Brad Pinter is now a member of the Retirement Advisor Council... 

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Am I a Fiduciary?

If you administer a retirement plan, the answer most likely is "Yes".  We've outlined here the different types and their definition for your quick reference!

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How to Prepare Yourself as a Fiduciary

You have been selected as a member of your company’s retirement plan committee. Aside from adding an additional meeting to your schedule, what does that mean? 

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Your Fiduciary Responsibilities Defined and Made Easy

Sponsoring a retirement plan can make you a fiduciary to your organization’s retirement plan! What surprises many plan administrators is that an employee’s function over title can also make them a fiduciary. But do you know what that actually means?

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Retirement Plan Fiduciary Best Practices

If you exercise discretionary control or authority of plan management or plan assets, or you have discretionary authority or responsibility for the administration of the plan, you are a retirement plan fiduciary...

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Top Three Retirement Plan Audit Findings and How to Avoid Them

If you showed up to work tomorrow morning to find out that your retirement plan was being audited, how would that make you feel? Here are three of the most common errors found in audits and what you can do to fix them.

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Latest IRS Correction Fees & What They Mean for Plans

It’s common knowledge that ERISA law is complex and even the best-intentioned retirement plan sponsors make mistakes...

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How To Evaluate Covered Service Providers Under ERISA

As a retirement plan fiduciary, you have a legal obligation to prudently manage the plan in the sole best interest of plan participants and beneficiaries...

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Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your ERISA Lawsuit Risk

The rise in ERISA litigation over the last couple of years has many plan sponsors worried...

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Should Plan Policies Be Put in Writing? You Bet and Here’s Why!

When it comes to managing a workplace retirement plan, it seems like we’re always telling you to document everything. Decisions, policies, procedures...

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What We Do and How We Can Help

As a business owner, your days are spent juggling multiple tasks and wearing a handful of different hats. For most business owners, managing and overseeing the company retirement plan requires more time and responsibility...

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Chicagoland Seminar: Minimize Your Risk

Join us in Chicago on April 19, 2018 for a seminar and networking session on Avoiding Personal Liability Under Your Company's Retirement Plan. We have partnered with some of Chicago's finest firms to provide you with practical information that you can implement tomorrow! To reserve your spot simply click the button below to get started!


Our History

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through plan optimization.

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