Retirement Plan Fiduciary Review

Mitigate Fiduciary Liability

Why is retirement plan litigation on the rise? The simple answer is because plans are out of compliance. Plan participants expect and are demanding accountability - now more than ever!

However, this can easily be circumvented by ensuring that proper independent review is being conducted on a recurring basis, with appropriate follow up actions taken.

Fiduciary Review

The good news is that Stonebridge specializes in conducting independent fiduciary reviews - having done hundreds over the past decade!

With minimal time on your side, Stonebridge will conduct a thorough analysis culminating in a comprehensive report. The review encompasses:

  • Current investment fund options assessment
  • Current investment allocation assessment
  • Fees and expense benchmarking analysis
  • Plan health benchmarking to industry recommendations
  • Plan governance review
  • Overall fee analysis comparing current state to viable alternatives
  • Current practices to best practices of ERISA
  • Safe harbor review
  • Plan administration and compliance assessment
  • Plan sponsor and participant education assessment
  • Fidelity bond adequacy check
  • Fiduciary liability coverage adequacy check

To get started on your complimentary review, please complete the form on the right side of the page. If you have any questions please email us at or call us at (855) 530-0500. We very much look forward to working with you on your plan review!