Maximize Fund Performance


Maximizing returns are always top of mind for any investor. Continual optimization of fund performance within the guidance of our client's investment policy objectives is one of our key goals.

Stonebridge Financial Group is a registered investment advisory firm. This is important because Stonebridge is not limited to recommending only a certain set of investment funds or fund families. Stonebridge can truly provide independent, objective insight, recommending the best options available for each client and tailored to their particular needs! 


To ensure our clients' fund performance is being optimized, Stonebridge utilizes a three phased approach occurring at least quarterly:

  • Phase I - Stonebridge senior analysts will create, or review if it has already been created, your firm's Investment Policy Statement
  • Phase II - Stonebridge investment strategists perform a comprehensive comparison of funds, fund managers, model portfolios and other criteria, across a rigorous set of performance and risk metrics including fees, sector and time periods. Stonebridge will suggest modifications based on the analysis
  • Phase III - Each and every client has the analysis communicated to them, with the analysis archived and available as needed

This approach has been created and continually refined over the past decade. It is a core element to helping plan participants achieve retirement readiness.

Let us worry about closely monitoring investment fund performance so you can focus on your business performance! Please contact us by completing the More Information from on the right side of the page, calling (855) 530-0500 or emailing us at